My friend Katie posted this on her blog and it was fun to read and do the last tag post she made so here is another one for you all this morning. If you post on your blog let me know and I’ll tag you/your post here too.
1. Saying you’re letting the dishes “soak” when in reality you just don’t feel like doing them?
So guilty! I hate doing dishes, especially ones that “need” to soak. haha
2. Restart the dryer to avoid folding?
Innocent. I’ve used the dryer to get wrinkles out of clothes I didn’t immediately put away or fold but not rerun the dryer.
3. Hide when eating so you don’t have to share with your kids?
Totally guilty. Not with everything I eat but definitely things I don’t want to share or know they will devour.
4. Obey the 5 second rule?
Innocent, I always heard it was the 10 second rule, but I don’t usually do either of them.
5. Say it’s an hour later so you can get the kids into bed?
Inno-uilty? I don’t say an hour but definitely have started bed time routines at most 30 minutes early.
6. Rewashing laundry because you forgot to switch it to the dryer?
Guilty, especially during summer and warm months. No one wants “clean” laundry to smell musty. Gross!
7. Wiping the dirty spots on your floor with a rag and convincing yourself you mopped?
Innocent. Nope that’s weird. Although I know my oldest vaccuums only dirty spots she can see. Makes me crazy.
8. Ask the husband to pick up take out because you forgot to thaw something?
Guilty as charged! Especially being pregnant I’ll even just not want to cook anything and even forget to call him so he scrambles to throw something together when he gets home from work, for everyone. I’m so lucky!

9. Let kids run around in diapers/undies because all the laundry is dirty.
Innocent. Dawn would never do that haha and Stephanie just throws on dress up clothes. I’ve never run into the problem of all the clothes being dirty.

10. Wash dishes by hand because you don’t want to unload the dishwasher?
Innocent. I’d totally rather run the dishwasher!
11. Clean more in 10 mins before a guest arrives then you did all week?
Innocent. My other half is guilty of this though. I always say our friends know us and will love us the same regardless of how our house looks. It’s not a hazard zone but we live in our house for sure.
12. Dropping something on the floor and instead of cleaning it you call the dog.
Guilty. I’ll call Lincoln in to clean up the bulk of a mess (if it’s big) then clean the floor when he’s done.
13. Remove makeup before you go to bed or leave it on?
Guilty. I tend to leave it on more often than I’ll take it off.
14. Place a blanket over the wet spot at night so you don’t have to change the kids sheets?
Innocent. I’ve definitely changed sheets in the middle of the night but I couldn’t ever ask my kids to sleep on their own waste. Gross.
15. Wear jeans multiple days in a row if the look clean?
Guilty. I’ve pulled on a pair of jeans to go run errands late in the afternoon/evening and they are still clean so I’ll wear them the next day or a few days later. Did you know if your jeans aren’t actually “dirty” it helps them last longer.
Innocent. I always wash my jeans every time I wear them.
16. Eat the scraps off your kids plate because you don’t have time to make your own meal?
Innocent. My kids don’t leave scraps on their plates. Well unless it is vegetables.
17. Eating the kids stash of Halloween or Easter candy?
Guilty! AJ calls me a mean mom for not letting the girls just have all of their candy and do what they want with it. I say they get enough treats and dessert all year long.
18. Say your kid is allergic to something so you don’t have to share?
Innocent. Why would you do that? I just tell them it’s mine and I don’t want to share. I also don’t make them share their things (toys, treats, etc) if they don’t want to.
19. Put a wrinkled shirt back in dirty clothes so you won’t have to iron.
Innocent. Dryer and a damp washcloth.
20. Procrastinate getting in the shower but then don’t want to get out?
Guilty. I am not a morning person so when I do get up and moving I don’t have the energy for a shower just to get the house moving and going. But once I’m in the shower I hate getting out.
21. Rehearse argument in head just in case?
Like before it happens? Innocent. Although AJ will tell you I’m guilty. He has told me he thinks I have arguments/conversations in my head before actually having them.
22. Ignoring text for days then saying “sorry my reply never went through”.
Innocent, that I know of. I know I’ve forgotten to reply so I’ll just say that.
23. Snooping in other peoples bathroom cabinets.
Guilty. I don’t snoop but I do open and look out of curiosity.
24. Turn radio down in car when lost or looking for a number on a house?
Guilty lol. Never thought about that before.
25. Use perfume flyers that come in magazines?
Innocent. We don’t get magazines lol. I have smelled them but I don’t use them.
26. Lied abut your age?
Guilty. Let’s just leave it at that.
27. Lied about your child’s age to get a better deal?
Innocent that I can recall.
28. Given someone the wrong number on purpose?
Guilty. Have you ever been hounded by marketing people – heck no don’t call me.
29. Peed in the shower as an adult?
Guilty. Right down the drain. I’m pregnant it’s bound to happen.