1.  Flying is not comfortable if you are over 5’9″. For every inch you are over that height your discomfort increases, particularly if the person seated in front of you decides to put their seat in a reclined position.

2. Being 25 weeks pregnant and flying alone with a teenager not so bad, actually helpful. Add a young, spunky, very active child to the mix and being able to stop and pull over every now and again starts to look a lot better than flying.

3. How were children and for that matter some adults, entertained during a flight prior to handheld electronic devices? I flew to England when I was 14 years old and while there might have been an in-flight movie I did not have a screen in front of me the entire flight from LA to London.

4. Having been on a flight when both our girls were lap age I feel sympathy for anyone flying with little ones. On a midday flight I find it perfectly okay for a child to make some noise. My sympathy decreases the later the flight.
So to the mother desperate to calm your sporadically fussy child in the middle of the afternoon, no worries. Just take a deep breath and try to sooth her the best you can but don’t stress too much about it (when your shushing becomes louder than the cry you’re probably feeling exasperated, just breathe).

5. To the woman sitting next to my little one, please read and heed the previous thoughts.

6. Common decency and kindness go a long way, no matter who you or where you are.