This was the first time we have hosted Pie Night while I was pregnant. I really can’t tell you how I made it through the day and night other than great helpers and the grace of God.

My day started at 6am with a 30 minute one way trip to Walmart for a few things I had missed on my list which were necessary for the pies. Thursday I had finalized my list, made notes, highlights and set out the plan for the day. I was going to pre-make pie dough but didn’t have shortening, oops. At the end of the night I tried getting some photos but, again missed out on some including all of the pies set out before they were eaten. I can’t believe how fast some of the pies went this year. Everyone seems to come hungry having not eaten dinner or just a light snack after lunch because the savory pies were gone in a flash.

Here is the list of pies; sadly some of these did not make it to the table. The ones crossed off either didn’t turn out right or didn’t make the time crunch cut. Thankfully my friend Tara made and brought a chicken pot pie. I did take a new approach and just “oh well” attitude about the things that didn’t turn out right, pies not being done right or not making the time crunch. It was a lot less stressful that way!

GF Pumpkin pie (we normally make this for a friend with gluten allergies but since they were unable to come it was cut with the time crunch)

Caramel Apple Pumpkin
Nothing special, really disappointed with this pie. I won’t be keeping this one.

(this was a simple recipe much like making rice krispy treats and Dawn had been wanting to make a pie by herself all day so I let her do this one, she cooked the marshmallows instead of just melting them, there was no saving this pie. Oh well.)

Baked Alaska (Lion House cookbook) Simple peppermint ice cream pie with chocolate syrup and a meringue topping. Dawn made this one too. It melted after browning the meringue she set it right out on the table. After refreezing it is just ice cream in a pie crust. Not again.

Gingered Apple Cranberry
I’m really glad I have extra ingredients (except apples) because this was the last pie out of the oven, a bit late but it was gone in minutes. I am going to have to make one for Thanksgiving, anyone want to have us over for dinner? I’ll bring the pie.

Brownie  easy and delicious. We will keep this one around for next year. The kids especially liked this one.

Chocolate Cream Keeper, simple and delicious.

Buttermilk (Lion House cookbook) This pie didn’t make it out to the table it didn’t quite set right but AJ put it back in the oven the next morning and it finally set. AJ really likes it, it’s okay just a standard “custard” type pie.

Dreamy Apple This is a favorite of many, classic pie recipe. It didn’t go as fast this year as it has in the past.

Classic Double crust Apple (somehow didn’t have enough apples but we had other apple pies)

Angel Pie (Ladies Home Journal 2000 cookbook) This sounded delicious and fun. Everything cooked properly and turned out well. I wasn’t sure about making an entire crust from meringue but it worked. It is sort of a cross between a lemon cream and lemon meringue pie upside down. I won’t be making it again though. Too much work and effort for the meringue crust. I’ll try making it in a regular crust with the meringue on top in the future.

Cherry AJ LOVES cherry pie but I can’t stand it (probably because I’ve never had one fresh, and I still haven’t haha). This year I finally made one. I started with this recipe but tweaked it a little. I didn’t use the added juice as I had fresh cherries and after they were pitted just let them sit in the bowl for awhile thus creating their own juices. It was devoured. AJ barely got a slice himself.

Salty Honey
Another idea that sounded good but didn’t turn out as great as expected. I won’t be making this one again.

Peanut Butter Silk (LHJ 2000 cookbook) This seemed to be a favorite of the night. Will keep it in the rotation.

Lemon & berry this was our gender reveal pie. It was fun but not as blue as I would have liked. I would add food coloring if I could do it over again. The only way I would keep this pie is without the berries. It wasn’t a favorite of the night or mine.

Pear with struessel & caramel
I like this pear recipe. The only change I would make is drizzling the caramel on top of the pie instead of serving it on the side. The sauce thickens and cools too much and quickly.

German chocolate pecan First of all German’s chocolate is a real thing, it is not just regular chocolate it is sweeter than semi-sweet chocolate normally used in baking. This pie was super sweet, but in a good way. Not overly sweet like the Chocolate Avocado pie. We will keep this one around.

Shepherd (really should have prepped this one in the morning and just heated it up)

Tomato Think cheese pizza and you’ve got this. I used all greek yogurt and no mayo in this one. No one seemed to notice. It was gone. A keeper.

Pecan (just didn’t make the time cut)
For the toppings we had vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and lemon whipped cream. I did not make chocolate or fudge sauce this year. For drinks we put lemon slices into our water dispenser/pitcher, had our Kuerig out with apple cider cups and a guest brought coffee K cups. We also had bottles of soda, IBC root beer and cream soda as well as Crush in strawberry, orange and grape flavors. We also ended up with 2 liter bottles of cranberry ginger ale, cherry 7-up and A&W root beer. Another successful and fun pie night. I love this tradition! (thank you Liz)

Dawn was a big help with dishes and keeping clean what we needed to bake.
The beginning of pies being finished. The Angel pie is on the right.
This year I labeled the plates so I would know what was going in which dish. The cherry pie is sitting there waiting to go in the oven. That was my first lattice pie.
Sorry for the horrible quality. Linda was watching her son’s ceremony/announcements for which Air Force assignments they were getting. It made more sense when she explained it. But next to her you can see the pies, some plates are empty – sorry I forgot again.