A friend and fellow blogger, Katie posted a “tag blog” and I thought, sure why not. A lot of these are topics discussed on a lot of Facebook pages in my feed too. I’m not “tagging” anyone, I lived through the chain letter phase (yes the ones written on paper) when I was younger, I’m not continuing that in electronic form, ever. So if anyone completes this on your own blog, feel free to put a link to yours in the comments below.

1. Your kid is refusing to eat dinner. Do you stand your ground and demand they eat what you made or make something else?

I run into this quite often with both my girls and any sort of vegetable. My girls would love to eat nothing but mac’n’cheese for every meal all year long. It doesn’t happen. I have stopped trying to make salads for dinner because no one would eat them. The basic rule in our house is you have to at least try two bites. If they do not want to eat the meal at all there is nothing else to eat the rest of the night and they get to go to bed if it becomes a temper tantrum situation. I try to make foods I know they like with some healthier options as well. No matter what, #2 does NOT like to eat soup.

2. Your kid has a melt-down at the store. Nothing is working to calm them. Do you leave & come back another time or do you grit your teeth and finish shopping?

I am not leaving the store in the middle of a shopping trip. If I am with AJ I may take the kid outside for a breath of fresh air or a spanking, whichever they need/want. I get embarrassed when they act up but it’s not like they are screaming because I beat them. I do not have the time to plan another trip to a store when there is a melt down.

3. Your kid gets too many toys for their birthday. Do you make some returns or save them for a rainy day?

This is a tricky question. If it is something they already have or received two of the same item then yes I will return one of them and let them pick something else out. When they have an abundance of toys/things to the point where they aren’t cleaning up after themselves, toys will go “away”. These will be put away out of sight and later they will be brought out one at a time on random days just because.

4. Your kid is protesting sleep. Do you give in at 3am, get them up & turn on a movie? Or continue to rock them, nurse, etc to try and get them back to sleep.

Oh heck no! I will not let my kids stay up just because they don’t want to go to bed. Now if they are sick I will stay up and snuggle to help them feel better and get some sleep. Bed time is bedtime on a normal night though. They know this and sometimes bedtime is done in tears but it is still bedtime.

5. You have an appointment and no babysitter. Do you bring them with you or reschedule?

What kind of appointment are we talking? Prenatal checkups – no I do those, but I’m lucky enough to have a built in babysitter with Dawn being 14.

6. You have 20 mins until unexpected company arrives. Do you rush to clean up your messy house or just figure “hey it’s okay I’ve got kids!”?

Ok wait, 20 minutes for unexpected company? That’s a little bit of time to tidy up and hide the piles of clean laundry I haven’t folded or put away yet. Our problem at our house now is a lack of storage space. We have a very open floor plan with minimal closet space. We are still trying to find a place for everything. That being said, my friends know me and know how I am. I am not a dirty messy housekeeper just a lived in house.

7. You’re running late & only have time to do hair or makeup- which do you choose?

I’d say makeup but I haven’t put makeup on the last few times I’ve been out, especially after getting my hair cut. So I suppose I choose hair.

8. You’re at the park and another child pushes yours. Do you intervene and correct them or go find the child’s parent?

I would say something to the kid. I’m not going to go yell at the kid or anything but a “hey it’s not okay to do that, you need to keep your hands to yourself” kind of talking to. I know some moms are not tolerable of other parents stepping in like that but if your child is hurting or putting my child in danger I will step in. My #2 has a habit of touching other kids, but by being nice. She loves giving hugs, kisses and holding hands. I remind her to ask and get permission prior to touching someone else and kisses are always only on the cheek. I would hope if another parent saw my child hit their kid they would use the same approach.