I’ve been thinking about my 40 list. Some of these things are in progress

#6: I am trying to find a way to track the temple visits. I might also make that just temples in USA, not worldwide as I do not see myself traveling internationally any time soon.  Below is a map of all the temples and using it I am going to mark off all the ones I have been to.

united-statesunited-statesAs you can see from the city names on the map, I haven’t actually been inside and participated in services in too many of the temples. I have seen a lot of them from the outside but have not been inside for ordinances. I’m just thankful we don’t live in the mid west. At least we have a temple being built in Philadelphia, slightly closer to home than our currently assigned temple in DC.

29. Donate my hair. This is actually something I am currently working on, does it still count?This one is done! On Halloween I had an appointment to get a trim, my hair was getting gangly and too much was falling out, signs of a much needed trim. I wasn’t ready for the full monty so to speak so it was just a trim, until I let myself, Katie and my mom talk me into just getting it done.

Before – check out that length!
My donated hair braid.
After, I was in shock still at how short my hair is now.