In our family (mine and the one I grew up in) we all have a difficult time keeping secrets. It’s not the gossip stuff (well okay sometimes but very rarely). It is usually the juicy good news, or presents or surprises. We just can not control and contain our enthusiasm.

One year when we were little kids living in Oceanside, CA we picked the office door lock and looked at all the Christmas presents stored in there. Ya that’s just kids right? WRONG!

Whenever AJ or I buy something for each other we have the most difficult time hiding it as well as keeping it a secret. He gave me my birthday present (not until Friday) last week. We always know what we are opening from each other Christmas morning. We try but it never happens. We get so excited about the reaction from the person receiving we just let it out!

Oh and my sister Renee, she’s horrible. You’d think as a grown woman she’d want to keep somethings a mystery and not know what she is getting. AJ and I don’t want to know what we are getting from the other person so much as we want to let the other person know what they are getting. Not Renee, she has to know what’s in the box. She still shakes wrapped presents trying to figure out what is in there. Silly Renee, but I love her, she might be my favorite sister… but I digress.

This year I ordered a few gifts for AJ from Amazon (I love free two day shipping, calculate the costs, it’s worth it). When one of them came I wanted to give it to him that day for no reason other than it had arrived and he had no clue what it was. I begrudgingly put it in an unmarked box and in our closet.

Currently we are all keeping a secret. As you may recall I am pregnant and we are expecting our third child. We are really hoping for a boy (and the possibility of being done having kids). We know either way we will love this child and really just want her/him to be healthy. Well we found out last week the sex of the baby. We told the girls with balloons and a small gift for each of them. We then called our family members as they all live in different states (and almost all different time zones).

However that’s where it ends. Since we are having pie night and there are so many people in the area we want to tell and want to share the news with we have decided to wait until pie night, 21 November, to tell everyone else with a gender reveal pie. Nothing big, not a gender reveal party just the pie. That decision has made keeping the baby’s gender a difficult secret, especially since we are not secret keeping people! So stay tuned and more info to come on the baby and pie night!