As I mentioned in my previous post, this weekend is semi-annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have never been one of those people who recalls names, faces AND what they said at the same time. I can recall great quotes and messages that touched me but I tend to not be able to recall who said them. One of the treats I get after and during conference is from a friend’s site found here.  Not only do I get to recall who said my favorite quotes I can also print them up and put them around my house for the next six months. (Then I put up new ones from the next conference). It is such a treat to have such talented friends sharing their abilities and gifts with those of us (me) who aren’t as craftily inclined.

This weekend I have enjoyed listening to the words spoken and finding answers to questions I did not realize I had. It has been a wonderful treat hearing the words spoken by our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, apostles and other church authorities. They all speak with such intelligence, wisdom, power and spirit. It may be the pregnancy emotions a little but I definitely felt moved this weekend. It is always a great treat and tradition listening to conference.

Another tradition in my family is conference rolls. This is something my mother started. When I would drive up to Utah from Southern California to visit her during conference weekend I knew I was going to have yummy food, including her conference rolls. She only makes them once, sometimes twice a year. She doesn’t always make them for every conference. In fact this weekend she told me she wasn’t going to be making anything. That tends to happen when your kids are all grown up and almost all married or living somewhere else I suppose. The last few years I have taken it upon myself to keep this tradition going in my own family. This year they were almost “after” conference rolls because I didn’t start making them until this morning and couldn’t get them in the oven until after the morning session. While waiting for the dough to rise I decided to try making a Kit-Kat pie. A friend had mentioned hearing about it and I had made a Butterfinger pie for Pi Day back in March. I figured I could apply the same principles there and it would be great. It turned out okay. In the end I decided it just needed some more Kit-Kats and would probably be pretty good with some chocolate syrup on top. Other than that it was okay. When I make it again I will definitely be using at least four king size bars. I only used two in this recipe, but here are some photos for you anyway. For the conference rolls and all their splendor, see this post.

20141005_125629[1] 20141005_133620[1]