The first weekend of April and October are when we as a family and members of The Church of Jesus Christ have the blessed opportunity to hear from our church leaders; the prophet, apostles and other leaders address the world. Saturday and Sunday the Lord’s anointed speak to the world in a total of four general sessions and a session for the men. The women’s session is held the weekend prior. What an amazing opportunity to be spiritually, mentally and physically uplifted.

For as long as I can recall we have sat as a family watching the live broadcast of the semi-annual conference. Over the years I was able to attend many sessions in Salt Lake City, originally at the tabernacle building in Salt Lake City Temple Square and later at the newly built conference center across the street.

The first time AJ and I met in person was actually a general conference weekend in April 2009. We attended a Saturday afternoon session in person and watched others at my mom’s house. AJ was not a member of the church at the time and I recall him commenting how he thought there would be more prophecy given. He has since come to learn and love the words spoken. Listening to these wonderful men and women speak the words the Lord wants us to hear is an amazing opportunity and provides such strength and uplifts me. If you have never listened to or seen a session of the Church’s conference I encourage you to do so by going to the Church’s website here. There is much to be learned and reminded of regarding our Lord’s plan for us, His children.

As the weekend proceeds I will post other notes, thoughts and family traditions, including the much desired conference rolls, yum!