I had started a list after reading a few other blogs and posts online recently but my unfinished draft was somehow lost and never saved for me to finish so now I am going to just start this post all anew.

I sometimes ponder on my life; what I have accomplished, what I never finished and what I want to accomplish. At this point in my life I don’t think I will be getting my doctorate in music. Yes I know I have a lot of my life still in front of me but I am on a different path now, and I am okay with that. Still there are some things I would like to do before I hit 40, sort of a mid-life bucket list if you will. So here are 40 things I want to be able to say I have done before my mid-life crisis hits.

1. Get to a healthy body/lifestyle (I have a “number” in mind but as I reach that goal it may be too low or too high depending on how my body changes and develops as I work toward this goal).
2. Complete our family. We have two beautiful girls and a third child of unknown gender developing. If we have more or we don’t, I want to be finished by the time I am 40. I do not want to be raising my kids and having grandchildren over to visit at the same time.
3. Run and complete 5k.
4. Complete a MudRun/FunRun/WarriorDash race.
5. Go on a cruise.
6. Visit at least 1/3 of the LDS temples
7. Be free of unsecured debt and have rainy day fund built up comfortably. We live on what we have and are doing ok, but definitely not where I would like to be.
8. Travel to Jerusalem.
9. Read all Jane Austin’s novels. I love to read but haven’t found time for it, especially any of the classics.
10. Go sky diving, at least once.
11. Go to a major league sports game with AJ. I use to attend Angels games all the time when I lived in California but haven’t been to anything since moving out here or getting married.
12. Go to a movie alone.
13. Go camping with just the husband. Between kids, the dog, work and technology we don’t really get much “alone” together time. This would be a great way to reconnect with each other and nature.
14.  Visit the beach/ocean/shore on the East Coast.
15. Attend a show on Broadway.
16. Go to a concert in a park.
17. Write a letter to myself to read in 10 years.
18. Go scuba diving. AJ and I went snorkeling this last summer in Catalina so I figure scuba diving is the next option.
19. Learn a foreign language so I can fluently speak it.
ID and permanently remove a bad habit. Bad habit TBD.
21. Visit and help out at a food kitchen. Don’t get me wrong I do volunteer work but just never got around to doing this one.
22. Go to a mystery dinner. Seems like they would be fun… even better if I solve it right?
23. Learn to crochet. I remember watching my Grandma crochet and I was never really interested in learning but now that I’m grown and have kids I absolutely wish I had learned.
24. Organize all my old pictures and put them with my new ones into albums/scrapbooks.
25. Take a dance class. A “classic” dance class, I’ve done the stuff they teach at the gym. I mean like ballroom, swing, salsa that kind of dance class.
26. Actually make at least half the crafts on my Pinterest craft board.
27. Send notes/cards for every birthday, anniversary and event during one year for all my friends and family.
28. Randomly send 12 “just because” gifts to unsuspecting friends/family members.
29. Donate my hair. This is actually something I am currently working on, does it still count?
30. Learn how to play the guitar.
31. Learn and be fluent in ASL.
32. Take a weekend trip to Vermont during the fall.
33. Go rafting and/or canoeing down the Delaware River.
34. Hike part of the Appalachian trail. Like really hike it, rucksack and all. Possibly a two-for-one on the camping…
35. Be more self-reliant on fixing my car. More than just an oil change or tire change, I want to learn about my car and what it needs.
36. Really learn how to sew on my sewing machine.
37. Take a real trip and visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
38. Learn to surf, and do it.
39. Start a garden to grow own produce, and keep it up.
40. Take time out of my day, at least once a month to catch up with an old friend, via phone, visit or letter.