This last week around here there has been a manhunt for an unknown shooter(s) who during a shift change at a local police barracks, shot two police officers, injuring one and killing another. This happened Friday night. This week this man was named suspect and a warrant issued. I know what it says about the guy and I know we live in the woods where he could be hiding anywhere. Below is a google map of where he lives and the surrounding areas. As you can see there is a lot of forest and places for a survivalist to… well to survive.


Some of the school districts have chosen to cancel school for today as well as yesterday. Our school district canceled after school activities. The school district we live in chose not to cancel school and is just on a higher alert than normal.
school notices

I understand everyone needs to parent their own children and make their own decisions. Heck I haven’t always been in the “popular” group with some of the decisions I’ve made as a parent, but that is my prerogative as a parent, just as it is the next person. A lot of parents in the area up here are hold up in their homes with their children, on lock down. Now if you had been on lock down since the shooting occurred I would understand that. But no one was, everyone went on with life as normal. Why then now that there is a face, name and family member location  are you freaking out? Why are you letting fear control you? Yes the man had talked about mass murders but he went after police not children. I think the escalated fear of a school shooting stems from the news coverage of the Sandy Hook shooting. I remember being in high school when the shootings happened in Columbine, CO. This did not stop us from going to school or worrying about someone doing the same thing at our schools. Yes they were tragic events but the shooters were linked and had “reasons” for retaliation at those schools (no I don’t condone them in anyway). This guy who shot the police does not have a reason to shoot up a school. He has a vendetta with police and law enforcement officers.

The hearsay and rumors being spread online are absolutely absurd and do nothing but feed into fears. So many people post online about things they have “heard” and what they think. The only accomplishment that comes from that is creating mass hysteria and further feeds fears. I wish the public would let law enforcement do their job and not waste time on local rumors.