Recently I’ve been doing little things around the house to clean it up and make it nicer. For example, I’ve been working on repainting our floor board heater covers with rust proof paint. This is a much longer and tedious task than what I thought when originally I set out to complete this task. But that is for another post another day.  The other thing I’ve been doing is painting our walls white. No they weren’t “painted” when we moved in but the people who lived here before us smoked, inside and they were older, and it was just gross. So when I can’t decide what color to paint a room or a wall it gets painted white. The most recent wall was in our dining/kitchen area and I did the window sills and frames as well. The room is so much brighter I knew I had to keep going. So I decided on Monday my bedroom windows were the next to get the paint treatment.

As I removed my curtains and prepped for painting I was mortified at what I saw up close to my window.


I am mortified to even be posting these but I do it in the name of education! I dust about once a week which includes my window sills and baseboards. I even vacuum those areas before dusting. Somehow this has still managed to happen.

So I proceeded to think what I had in my arsenal that would work well at cleaning this gunk up. Vacuuming was not doing the whole job, obviously. So I went to my trusty vinegar in a spray bottle. I use it to clean almost everything around here.

I was having a difficult time getting at the cracks and nooks. I did not want to spend an entire afternoon working and cleaning these window sills. (If you’ve ever been to my house you know how many windows I have).  So when using vinegar on stubborn spots I pair it with baking soda (LOVE it). I did have to remove my screens all the way (or work with only one hand) which was fine because they needed to be wiped and hosed down. I poured a little baking soda in the corner and hard to get to areas then let it and vinegar do their bubble dance.

To reach in and get the gunk out I used q-tips. With a little twist, turn and swirl the gunk came right off and out! Next I used paper towels (thought about using rags but it was just too gross) and wiped the remaining excess off. Lastly (and this was the best part) I poured a cup of hot water on the window frame and watched it all wash away to the outside. Apparently the way windows are set in they have a ever so slight tilt down and out. AWESOME points to the person who made that happen.

After it was clean I dried up the remaining water spots and presto clean window sills/frames!

I do make it a habit to wipe these down at least every other day now as it is fall and the dust somehow makes its way here.


Notes: Our windows fully move up and down, top and bottom so in order to “save the top portion from fully coming down behind the front window there are stoppers in the frame, I absolutely removed those to fully clean out the area.  Also the “gunk” left in the frame closest to the inside is actually dried up mess of caulking from when the windows were installed. UGH could they have at least wiped that up instead of letting it dry there! I cut out most of what I could and cleaned that area again but it didn’t all come off.