We have always known we wanted more kids, eventually.  We never planned it all out but each time we talked about it the time never seemed quite right then we decided once AJ finished his EET degree, it would be a great time to start. So I started going to the gym, eating healthier and getting myself physically ready for a baby. When AJ completed his last course for his degree I made an appointment to have my IUD removed so we could start trying to have another baby. I had lost 20 lbs but of course the doctor had concerns and lectured me about all the things I was already doing.

For months we tried and many pregnancy tests came back negative. After coming home from California I could NOT get myself back on my schedule. For weeks I was barely able to function let alone get up and moving like I was before and during our vacation. At first I thought jet lag coming back was horrible and worse than going out west. Then one morning I woke up sick to my stomach. One test that night and another the following morning and I knew we were pregnant. I told a select few people and wanted to wait until I was finished with my first trimester before making a big announcement. Each day seemed to go by slower and longer. Finally one Sunday morning I decided to make the announcement on Facebook in a very generic way. Everyone figured it out and I’m glad to have it off my chest but would really love to have the nauseous part over as well.

So here it is, the picture worth 1,000 words. We are pregnant and expecting another baby April 3, 2015! Can’t wait to see what we are having but even more excited we are building our family.