Do you remember writing a letter to your future self when you were in grade school listing all of your hopes, dreams and goals? Why did we stop doing that when we grew up? It was nice to look back at remember who I was years before when reading the letter. I may not have become the President of the United States or married the cute boy sitting next to me but I still felt good at all I had accomplished over the years.

When I saw this post on a friend’s blog i remembered that feeling and decided it was time to write a letter to myself again. We as women absolutely hold ourselves to a higher standard than men and children. We are our own worst enemies and our toughest critics.

I love being tall. I wish other people would be a bit taller along with me but I love my height, it makes doing a lot of things a whole lot easier.

I love my stretch marks – and I earned every single one of them by giving birth to my beautiful children.

I absolutely love my hair – it isn’t straight or curly so I get the best of both worlds. Plus it’s long and not too thick so it isn’t too hot during the summer.

I LOVE my nails! They grow long so quickly and are incredibly healthy.

I love that I am able to carry and give birth to healthy children without any problems or health issues. Such a blessing.

If you haven’t written yourself a letter lately or even if you have, I encourage you to give this a try.