These last four years have been almost torture with AJ being full-time school, work and the guard. When he came back from deployment to Afghanistan in 2008 he found a job on Picatinny with a company contracted with the government. He was hired on with a stipulation of getting a degree in electric engineering tech. When the job was side barred for full time orders with the guard he continued with his degree, being more than half way done. April of this year he FINALLY finished his last course in his degree and Friday 27 June he walked with his class for his accomplishment.

It has been a rough roller coaster ride but he has finally made it and I am SO proud of him. He tells me he will be going back for his Master’s degree. I’ll complain and drag my feet but it’ll be good for him and our family in the long run. In the meantime we are enjoying the brief time off of school work, from the civilian side anyway.


Oh and did I mention AJ made cum laude?! He missed magma cum laude by two-tenths of a point.


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