For the last few months the toilet in our main bath hasn’t been flushing properly and the shower/tub hasn’t been draining. Today I decided to try one of those DIY/home remedies for the tub. Baking soda and vinegar for an hour then boiling hot water to flush it down.I did it twice and it worked wonders. Although the plug may need replacing the tub now drains properly. Hopefully it stays that way for awhile.

Now on to the toilet. We have purchased snakes and toilet plungers but nothing seemed to permanently resolve the issue. With the impending visit of AJ’s mom and her husband it was time to get the toilet fixed to reduce the chances of someone doing the potty dance waiting for a bathroom. I put on a brave face with tools in hand ventured into the bathroom. The easy part was taking the toilet off the floor. Second easiest was getting the water out. There was still some in the bowl and trap. Fortunately I had placed newspapers and rags on the floor. When I couldn’t see a problem in the pipe I knew it was in the mysterious beyond, the tubing in the toilet itself. With AJ’s help I located the culprit, a #2 pencil with a purple eraser on top! It has been stopping up EVERYTHING sent down the bowl. I will not go into the gory details.

The man of the hour was actually not I. It was my husband, what a man. He took the toilet and dove into the toilet, almost literally. I imagine it was much like a proctologist doing an exam on a patient. Gross! Just the smell of it made me nauseated. So now it’s almost midnight and AJ finally gets to go to bed after a long hot shower. What a man!