I am not an expert but I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Being polite in business and in general for life is common sense and courtesy.

I am currently volunteering with a committee for a project in town to raise money. Several local businesses have contributed food for the event over the years. The gentleman heading to donations (the guy I will be taking over for next year) has made arrangements with all the local establishments for their items. I am simply helping pick up items and bring them to the event. In my line of work and life it is common courtesy, and a good business practice to make a polite reminder phone call when someone has offered to donate their goods and/or services. So I started making phone calls. The other guy had already called one place and made arrangements for a pick up time two hours later than I needed it to be in order to pick up from the other places on my “route”. The owner snapped at me said yes so-and-so already called me yesterday pick up is at such-and-such time *click*. It wasn’t merely the fact she hung up on me it was the tone and how she sent her message across. I know you and your business are doing a favor for us (not without a tax write off and “free” publicity at our event) but that in no way means you need to give me attitude because someone has already called. Maybe so-and-so didn’t know there is a timing conflict and your donation needs to be picked up at a different time. Either way rudeness will get you no where. Think about it, you are a local business dependent on the “locals” to keep your business going during the non-tourist months.

I must say after my own personal and family experience with this place, I can guarantee this is the cherry on the sundae, the icing on the cake, the gravy on the potatoes (yep you read it) I will not recommending nor patron this establishment while it is under the current ownership ever gain. There is no amount of apologizing they could do or say that will ever remove or make me forget the way in which I was just treated, ever.