Remember insanity turning to P90X over here? Well if you recall I didn’t finish the 90 days. There was always some reason and I let myself go. Well I had gained an additional 14 lbs over the course of basically almost a year. I was even more uncomfortable in all my clothes and around everyone. I didn’t like where it was going. I was WAY over my personal weight maximum. I know what makes me gain weight but I wasn’t finding time for me. So I joined a local gym towards the end of January 2014. Now I’ve been a member of gyms before but NEVER liked taking classes or doing cardio on a machine. Talk about running and going no where! I still don’t like cardio machines but I know I need some intense cardio to burn the fat. So I started taking classes. I LOVE THEM! From dance to kickbox to pilates they are all so much fun!

In addition to starting a workout routine I have started following Fast Metabolism DIET. It’s not a diet in the common sense of the term. The author actually uses it as an acronym, Did I Eat Today? My fabulous mother does all the research and gives me the information, I bought the book and while I haven’t actually read thru the entire book yet I have been incorporating it into my lifestyle. So much so that after I lost 15 lbs AJ decided he wanted to have some of what I was doing. We are now about two months into this lifestyle, still making adjustments, especially to the budget, but we are getting there together. To date with my working out and the lifestyle change I have lost 30 lbs. It could be more but I haven’t been 100% “on plan”. There are definitely moments of weakness. What I have learned about those moments is to not let them hold me back or have any control over me, it happened, move forward positively without the stress and guilt.

I have decided to make new goals in my life and while I am not near my goal I am closer than I was two months ago. This year I want to complete a 5K, whether it be a mud run, fun run, dirty girl run or anything like that as long as it isn’t a straight 5k I think I’ll be ok. Here’s to a new me and a new life!