I know, it’s been longer than anticipated but here is an update on the pies we had and what worked. I must say though I wanted to make all those pies I did not have enough pie plates for all 20. I only owned a max of 18 pie plates at one time and some are at friends’ houses from when I’ve made them pies. So I had to narrow it down and I also did some prep work the night before. I couldn’t have done it without my friend Tara Wittmaak who came over in the morning to help me prep and bake. She isn’t a big baker but she really is a great help. Another friend Laura is very cute and great with decorating and creating things. She made some cute labels and decorations for the table and counters. It was a great night! Tara made a brought a pie as did Amy. The favorite pie of the night was the zucchini pie. I think the favorite dessert pie was the coconut pistachio. I really enjoy doing and trying all these different pies. Also was a strawberry pie that I didn’t get a picture of until it was gone haha. The kids liked that one best I think. All the pies I made, I think tey were all enjoyed and none I would never make again.



Tara Amy helping decorate pies  Helper Laura


Chicken Pot  Coconut Custard by Tara

Coconut Pistachio  Dreamy Apple

French Silk rice krispy  Frozen Lemon Gingersnap  Half table pies  Zucchini  PB Banana  Key Lime  Key Limes  PB Smores  Pecan Crust Turtle  Red Velvet  Sugar pie  Vinegar Pie (aka poor man's pie)  Whole Chocolate layer  Toppings bar

Can't get enough Dig In!

Digging In Yummy!


Cleaned out  Layered chocolate

Left overs  Post Pi Night table

Post pie night