The one thing I like about shopping at the big box stores is finding things on clearance. On a recent trip we found a few pieces of self sticking laminate tiles. We bought them to replace the carpet in our pantry. Yes there is carpet in every room of our house except the laundry room and bathrooms. It’s something we will be fixing. AJ wants to keep carpet in all of the living areas but I want “hardwood” in our living and front rooms as well as the kitchen. I know how expensive real hardwood can be and scratch so we are going to do self interlocking laminate wood flooring. As for this particular project I just wanted to start with the pantry and under the fridge. I told you carpet EVERYWHERE. There is even carpet under the stove, but that’s for another day.

My first step was to take up the carpet in the pantry and while I was in there I decided I wanted to redo the entire pantry, or maybe that was why I wanted to redo the floors….  Well while pulling up the carpet I decided to take out the carpet under the fridge too. Which is where my half day project became a week long project and cost more than anticipated. Under the fridge I found the sub flooring had been wet and was growing mold. The growth and amount showed it had been there long before we moved in. So out needed to come the sub floor. That required new subfloor, a reciprocating saw and more time than I planned on. I’ll just show you.

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